When I decided to start writing again I knew I wanted to use bumble for hosting my posts. Bumble is great, it's one of those projects that is genius in its simplicity. It was started from one thought: I should just be able to have my posts in a folder in a sane format and the app should just do the rest. For a personal site like this that's all you really need. No fancy admin interface, just put the files where the app can get them and go. It runs locally very easily too, just edit, refresh, edit, and repeat until you're happy with the post.

I was greatly inspired by the talk Amber Case gave last year at Realtime Conf. You can watch it here and I highly recommend it. So, when it came time to break out the old keyboard and get this site going I knew I would ultimately want to host my own images as well as posts. Unfortunately the landscape seems pretty barren right now as far as hosting images goes.

Since my requirements were so little, it made sense to write a plugin that worked exactly like bumble, except for hosting images. That is, you point your code at a folder and they'd be hosted for you, at predictable urls for both the original and for thumbnailed versions of the file.

With those very simple, very specific requirements in mind, I sat down this weekend and wrote fireball. It's still a little rough around the edges, but it works well enough to use already. If you're using bumble, why not give it a try?* Lemme know what you think.

* And if you're not using bumble, why not give that a try?