One of the places it's very very easy to own your own data is in the realm of pastebin. Even though the data you share via these services is public, you still are throwing it onto someone else's silo to host. You don't control how long they'll keep it.

Thankfully there is a super easy pastebin server called hastebin. It is dokku-ready (I forked, pushed, and had it instantly working). In my opinion though, it was not exactly what I wanted out of the box. For one, there was an outstanding pull request to add os-x hotkeys that I would have like to seen merged in. The other piece missing is any sort of authentication. It's one thing to provide pastebin services for yourself, it's another thing to just have an open pastebin service running where anyone can dump unlimited data onto your server.

What I ended up doing was forking hastebin, merging the os-x hotkey pull request, and writing a simple auth plugin schema. With the auth schema I added you can decide if you want to lock down reads or writes. I chose to lock down writes only, so that you would need a valid login to post new content, but any content posted could be read by anyone w/ the link. Perfect for my setup, only I can add content, but I can share it with anyone, and the data is still mine.

If you want to check out my fork you can find it here, and you can see an example of one of my pastebins here.