Last week I migrated off of docker. I also moved my repos off of my local gitlab instance back to github. The reason for both of these was the same: everything was broken. I knew there was trouble on the horizon several weeks ago when I tried pushing to one of my instances and it failed. The fix took trawling through dozens of identical issues only to find that there was a disconnect between the ubuntu version of my server and the one that docker was expecting to exist. To be fair, a lot of the problem lies with dokku, but really all I wanted was a heroku-type setup I could run on my own box. I could not get things working again and am not really feeling up to putting the amount of effort that would be required in order to get things working.

I have no idea why my gitlab instance stopped working, I suspect it is something similar between the confluence of docker requiring constant maintenance and gitlab being fragile to set up to begin with.

This blog is still using bumble, and I'm still running that on my own box, so there is at least that consolation.

This really feels like an indieweb failure, partly because I was not willing to put in the effort, and partly because I think the level of effort being asked was too great. I look forward to any advances on this front but until then I'm just running my node instances on localhost and forwarding nginx to them manually, with only a few lines of config. There is no automation: if things crash or reboot I have to start everything up again. However this feels good enough for now, even if it's not ideal.

As far as post-mortems go this one is pretty light, but then again the reasons for failure are still a mystery to me so I don't have much more to write about other than the fact that I've gone back to a different setup.