I like to log my workouts in more than one place, and they all take different formats. One takes bbcode, the next markdown. Typing them up even once in any of those formats is a chore, let alone more than one.

I wrote a little utility site to solve this problem. Now I can just type my lifts in a way that feels natural to me, without any markup at all. The site automatically translates it to the formats I need.

I also preemptively added a page that will try to convert a workout copied from fitocracy since that feels like something other people may also find useful.

For now it only does weight x reps or just reps. Time and/or distance based activities aren't supported (yet).

If you want to check it out go to lift.gar.zone

If you wanna ask for new features or you find a bug or even if you want to pitch in a contribution the site is on github.