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The Danger Computer's Film Debut

posted by: Gar
filed under: video

I now present to you the film debut of The Danger Computer

Be sure to check out mux if you like music or whatever

Grinding the Crack

posted by: Gar
filed under: video funny

Today at work in our chat app someone linked to a funny gif of a cat jumping off a window ledge. It reminded me of two parody videos based off of that scene. Here they are, I hope you like them.

Original parody video:

Parody of that parody video:

In my humble opinion, both videos demonstrate a perfection of craft in re comedy timing.

RealtimeConf 2013 Recap

posted by: Gar
filed under: RealtimeConf video

I was lucky to be a small part of Realtime Conf. It was a great conference and I have a lot of fond memories from it. Perhaps one day I'll post about them, but until then here is a great recap video from the conference.