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Gar's lifts: Week of 9/14/2014

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Here are last week's lifts. I'm doing Wendler's 5/3/1 routine, this was week one.

Sunday 9/14


60x5, 70x5, 85x3 95x5, 110x5, 125x3 95x6, 95x3, 95x4

Seated DB Press

30x12, 30x9, 25x11, 20x12

DB Side Raise

10x12, 15x12, 15x12, 15x12

EZ Bar Curl

40x12, 40x12, 30x12, 30x12

Preacher Curl

40x12, 30x12

Upright Row

45x10 45x10

Monday 9/15


155x5, 140x5, 170x3 185x5, 215x5, 240x6 185x8, 185x5, 185x5

Medicine ball crunch twist

(6lb ball) 7, 10, 10

Front Squat

95x6, 135x6

Wednesday 9/17


75x5, 95x5, 110x3 130x5, 150x5, 160x2 120x12, 120x9, 120x4, (120x1 aka racking after failure)


2, 3, 2, 2

Incline Bench

65x12, 65x12, 65x12, 65x10

DB Flye

30x12, 30x12, 30x12, 30x9

Incline DB Flye

20x12, 20x12, 20x12, 20x11


55x20, 55x20, 60x20, 60x20

Friday 9/19


160x5, 200x5, 245x3 265x5, 305x5, 245x5 265x6, 265x7, 265x5

Weighted Hyperextension

10x10, 10x10, 10x10, 10x9

DB Row

35x12, 40x12, 40x12, 40x12


90x10, 110x10, 130x10, 130x10


35x10, 35x10

Starting again

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About five years ago I went to the gym for basically the first time in my life. I'd been before of course, but only for a short while before never going back. Also I was doing lightweight stuff at the time, nothing serious. That changed when I decided I needed to actually get into shape and I joined a powerlifting gym and started using freeweights.

I had a relatively good track record, up until a few months ago. I had a minor injury to the cartilege in my rib and used that as an excuse to take several months off. At the beginning of September of this year I finally was cajoled by some of my online workout support network to start again. I'm really glad I did. I feel so much better when I'm working out.

This blog didn't exist before, and I was using fitocracy to log my workouts before. That site isn't very easy to use and all I really want is somewhere to write them out so I'm going to try logging things here. I think combining the workouts for a week into one post seems right to start.

Here are my current PRs from days gone by:

Barbell Squat 300lb x 1 rep Feb 2014 Barbell Deadlift 435lb x 1 rep Feb 2014 Bench Press 200lb x 1 rep Feb 2013 Overhead Press 155 x 3 reps July 2013

At the start of this year I did have goals that are by now untenable due to my time off, but here is what they were. The weight goals are still the same, I just don't expect to get there by the end of this year like I originally planned.

Current goals:

Barbell Squat 315lb x 1 rep (Three plates) Barbell Deadlift 480lb x 1 rep (Advanced level according to exrx strenght standards for my weight) Bench Press 225lb x 1 rep (Intermediate) Overhead Press 185lb x 1 rep (Advanced)

Mail in a box

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Last week an e-buddy of mine pointed out that she was looking at mailinabox and wondered if it was worth her time. I checked it out, and decided it was, and furthermore was worth my time too.

I spun up a new Digital Ocean droplet, followed the instructions, and it worked. It worked out of the box, just like the name. I've only been using it for a day or two but it really does feel like the complete right direction for indieweb: a black box that you own that just works.

The email portion of this product wasn't even the thing that interested me most, in fact I have a domain on it that's not even my primary email domain (I may switch to this one now though, but that's a whole other process). The part that excited me the most was that ownCloud[owncloud] is installed and activated by default for every account you add to the system. This means truly indie contacts, calendar, and most importantly data. I found a $3 app called Photosync which allows me to automatically back up all new photos to my ownCloud account.

The result of this is that I was able to move my calendar, contacts, and photos out of iCloud and off of gmail (where my calendar was). It feels good to have sliced this little piece out of my own homestead.

Ditching docker and gitlab

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Last week I migrated off of docker. I also moved my repos off of my local gitlab instance back to github. The reason for both of these was the same: everything was broken. I knew there was trouble on the horizon several weeks ago when I tried pushing to one of my instances and it failed. The fix took trawling through dozens of identical issues only to find that there was a disconnect between the ubuntu version of my server and the one that docker was expecting to exist. To be fair, a lot of the problem lies with dokku, but really all I wanted was a heroku-type setup I could run on my own box. I could not get things working again and am not really feeling up to putting the amount of effort that would be required in order to get things working.

I have no idea why my gitlab instance stopped working, I suspect it is something similar between the confluence of docker requiring constant maintenance and gitlab being fragile to set up to begin with.

This blog is still using bumble, and I'm still running that on my own box, so there is at least that consolation.

This really feels like an indieweb failure, partly because I was not willing to put in the effort, and partly because I think the level of effort being asked was too great. I look forward to any advances on this front but until then I'm just running my node instances on localhost and forwarding nginx to them manually, with only a few lines of config. There is no automation: if things crash or reboot I have to start everything up again. However this feels good enough for now, even if it's not ideal.

As far as post-mortems go this one is pretty light, but then again the reasons for failure are still a mystery to me so I don't have much more to write about other than the fact that I've gone back to a different setup.

Gar's TriConf 2013 Talk

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Last year at triconf I ended up getting nominated to give two talks. One was to be on using vim as an ide, and the other was to be on the idea that catlady is a gender neutral term. These were both obviously slightly tongue in cheek, so I dediced to combine them. What follows is the transcript. The arrows indicated which keys to hit, and when, to move to the next slide (and when to go blank by hitting (b)). You can view the slide deck here. What follows is the talk, as originally found in the .rtf file I used for my notes. I haven't prettied it up any, but that's life I guess.

The talk

Hello everyone, welcome to my talk, it's titled :wq or vim as an ide and cat lady is gender neutral and other cat stuff→

First off let me introduce myself → I'm Gar → (view picture)→Hi→During the day I write software for andyet. But that's not all there is to me→

I also make cat videos on the internet. They are not funny or interesting but people watch them anyways.→No really, let's watch one of my more popular ones.→

I also like to sing, especially in the car. I am not that good but I make people listen to my anyways. Like right now→Just kidding.→I was nominated for a talk→For some talks→

One was about using vim as an ide. vim, in case you don't know, is a text editor. It's used for editing text files. A lot of people, me included, use vim for editing software.↓

But not as an ide (integrated development environment). ide's are terrible. Don't use an ide use an editor. Just spend enough time in a good editor and you'll be good at using it, that's all there is too it. Your editor is only as good as you are, and an IDE really is a crutch that will eventually hinder you from getting any better.→

Anyways. The other talk I was nominated for was 'cat lady is gender neutral and other cat stuff'. Other than the fact that I have said "Cat lady is a gender neutral term" (and I stand by that point), I have no idea what that talk is. Especially since I feel that comment is self-explanatory. Maybe the organizers of this conference decided that since neither subject got enough votes to warrant a talk, they'd combine them. I guess combined they got the requisite votes. I cannot refute their logic.

Therefore → These two topics are actually totally related.↓So, first things first. Some of you may be here to learn something about vim. I don't want to disappoint you totally so here is a protip straight from me↓

Use % to move the cursor to a matching block.↓Basically this↓Some of you may have actually come to hear about cat things. Here is a cat fact.↓Some cats like ice cream.↓See?→

Ok back to my talk, which was:→:wq or vim as an IDE→and→Cat lady is gender neutral and other cat stuff→

So now I'm thinking what the heck? And of course since that phrase is on a t-shirt I see half a dozen times every week at work it makes me think.→What the heck, why not? I can do this talk.

Thinking about this over the last few days I think I figured out why these got nominated.→I use vim to edit everything.→I am very vocal about it→I also really like cats→And I'm very vocal about that→

Obviously this talk is just about me and what I like→So naturally now I'm thinking. What the heck does this say about me?→I have no idea.→Ok I actually do have an idea.→It means I really know who I am. Like there isn't really any gray area here. I don't kind of use vim or kind of like cats. And what's more→

Other people know who I am. Not in like a fame or notoriety sense, but in a real sense. They know things about me that define me. In fact if you were nominated for a talk the same goes for you. (elaborate? lifting?) So how many people who didn't know me before feel like they at least know something about me to the point where we could talk about it? That's important. It's important for people to know who they are and have a little bit of confidence about that. Confidence is good, right? It's also important for people to know each other too. The more I know about you the closer I am to you. And being close to other people is REALLY good, right?→

Right.→So. This talk is not going to be about vim or cats.→Sorry. Actually…→I'm not sorry. In fact, my wife says that if she were asked to pick one word to describe me it would be 'unapologetic'. With that in mind here's my first real piece of advice tonight→

Never apologize for who you are. Now, real quick, there's an important distinction here. Who you are is not the same thing as what you do, because→

You should TOTALLY apologize for what you do. I actually do think that other people can only know you by your actions, and what do do defines you. But it's not who you are right? That was a digression, back to my point→

Never apologize for who you are.

The first step to never apologizing for who you are is→to know who you are. That's the easy one I hope. Most people have a general idea of what they like right?→

The next step is owning who you are. This is called confidence. That's important.→

So I now present to you Gar's handy guide to self confidence.→about things you know and like→so you can talk to other people about them→in the interest of world peace→

Now normally when you think of self confidence it's all about being positive. What they usually don't tell you is WHY to be positive. So what this really should be called is→

Gar's handy guide to knowing when you're right about something→and knowing when you're not→and when it doesn't matter.

Step 1→Know enough to be confident about it. I've used ViM long enough and learned how to use it to the point where I am rather confident when I say it is the best editor out there and everyone should be using it. I've owned cats enough to know that they are the superior pet out of all domesticated animals and everyone should have one or two dozen. I also think for example that regular expressions (for those of you who know what those are) are a last resort and typically indicate a failure somewhere in your code design. I think everyone in this room should be weight lifting, like actual barbells and dumbbells and moving heavy things. I don't like onions. You may not know that about me.→

Next, know enough to recognize if it even matters.→

Most things don't. What works for you may not work for others. This is actually really really important. It's important for you not only know for yourself, but to be able to communicate this to others. So many things in life boil down to "This is really interesting and important to me but I can totally see how you don't even care" That's great. Remember, this is about being yourself not somebody else.→

Next, know enough to be undecided about it. It goes to reason that if it's something that you care about and someone else doesn't. It's possible it just doesn't matter. It's also possible it totally matters and you should absolutely spend the energy to convince them of your point of view but, let's be honest, that's probably rarely the case. This brings me to my next point→

Know when you're wrong. Now, I am going to go ahead and just get this out there right now→

I'm TERRIBLE at this. That doesn't mean it's not important and it's something I struggle with, because it's important. If you'll follow the path here we can easily go from something we are confident about to something we don't care about to being flat out wrong about something. Did we lose the plot? NO! If you are wrong about something that simply means you NOW know what's right. So you can happily go straight back to being confident about it. Because you're right!→

So, a quick recap. If it's important you can be wrong about it, but then you get to be right again. If it's not important you can't ever really be wrong about it but nobody really cares. Now you're confident enough to know who you are, what you like, and never apologize. Hey we're really getting somewhere eh? There's just one problem.→

Other people exist. Don't get me wrong, it's great that now you are confident enough in yourself that you are able to express it and everyone knows lots about you and they can totally engage you on many topics you care about. But it's entirely possible THEY also have things they care about and that define them deeply as a person. I know, crazy right? As important as it is to know who you are and never apologize. It's even MORE important to know who other people are and never ask them to apologize. Remember how good you feel when, say, you are at work and telling all your coworkers about your cat and it's great cause you really love your cat and love to talk about her and share videos and pictures and, well, it just makes you happy to be expressing such a big part of yourself? Me too. Imagine how great others feel when you let them do the same.→

Yeah basically just listen to them→Maybe listen to them like you'd wish they listened to you? Wow that sounds corny. BUT IT'S TOTALLY TRUE RIGHT?


Think about it for a moment. You're doing all the work for them and you are both better for it. You're making it easy for them to know about you, and you are also making it easy for them to be themselves. Trust me it doesn't matter how inane the thing is, if you remember something about someone it's going to bring you closer to them. So, do the work for both of you, it's worth it.

So now look where we are. Humanity is closer to each other, people are free to express who they are and what they think with confidence,(b) all because of→

:wq or vim as an ide and cat lady is gender neutral and other cat stuff. Thank you→

Here is my info if you wanna email me and tell me your favorite text editor or breed of cat. Also if you want to check out videos of my cat go to heytrophy.com. It's a great site and if you don't believe me→Here's a quote